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Обслуживание пылесборника на крыше цементного силоса

Mar 30, 2020Ключевые слова: пылеуловитель на крыше цементного силоса

 Maintenance of dust-collector on the roof of the cement silo:
1. Once the dust-collector on the roof of the cement silo is put into operation, a special person shall be assigned to manage and maintain the equipment. The person should be familiar with the working principle and technical performance of the dust-collector, master the adjustment and maintenance methods. Its is also necessary to do inspection on each shift and establish operation records.
2. The filter material of compressed air could be changed every 3-6 months.
3. The electromagnetic pulse valve should be cleaned once every three months and replaced with wearing parts.
4. All kinds of rubber seals should be replaced regularly.
5. If there is ash in the exhaust port, please check whether the filter bag is broken, whether the bolt is loose, or whether the gasket is aging.
6. If ash comes out of the exhaust port after each ash cleaning, it is excessive ash cleaning. Then the ash cleaning period should be adjusted.
7. Check the condition of the filter bag regularly (once every three months), replace or repair immediately if there is any damage. Please choose the same material as the filter bag when repairing. It is strictly forbidden to use the thread to suture. The filter bags are generally used for 1-2 years.
8. Assure the dust collector cleaned usually, paint damage should be timely painted. Brush painting should been took at least every two years.

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